“I just wanted to thank you so much for everything this year. I almost don’t recognize myself, as there have been so many changes. For one thing, I’m smiling more and doing more of the things that make me happy. And for another, I’m taking better care of myself and my appearance.”

“God has used you in such a tremendous way. You have made an imprint on my life in such an incredible way. Thank you.”

“You are a wise leader, greatly used by God! Thanks for your willingness to be used, You express care and compassion and work with us (the group) individually to meet our own specific needs, You are able to challenge us and yet be “outside the box” I am grateful for the way you have aided in my recovery.”

“God bless you, thank you for all you do, every day and in a kind and gentle way. You have helped my family in ways that you can’t imagine.”

“Your expertise, time and passion to help us is greatly appreciated! My husband and I came home transformed yet again. It was exactly what we needed at this time. Please know that you do such wonderful things for our broken hearts. You just reinforced what God already tells us, “there is hope

“Thank you so much for helping me walk through the recovery process. You have been a life and sanity saver for me.”